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An unconventional background such as mine brings with it a number of influences that greatly affect my work. Apart from having degrees and experience in both Architecture and in Industrial Design, I was fortunate enough to have both my childhood and adulthood years divided across two continents - something that I believe has given me an appreciation for the relevance of cultural influences on design and the ability to view things with a certain abstraction that I find very useful.

As such I find myself doing a lot of different things at the moment - Apart from working as a designer at Yabu PushelbergI am a Co-founder of FAR FOUND a collective of 5 individuals from 5 different personal and professional backgrounds - Chinese-American, Polish-American, Burmese-Canadian, Colombian and myself. We explore the influence of culture and design in the most personal way we can.

I also work with TYTHEdesign, a company that lends design-based support to organisations in the social sector.

While all of this may seem like a lot of non-congruent things of vastly different scales to be doing, working in these different areas helps me satisfy all the different parts of who I want to be. Always looking for exploration I’m currently delving deeper into my long fascination with footwear.

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